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Marissa Semkiw is joined by gardening experts who'll show and tell us about their tricks and tips for successful gardening.

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Prescription Woman

Ontario Premier Wynne Promises Free Prescription Drugs for Seniors

As we draw closer to the June 7 Ontario provincial election, candidates vying for votes are beginning to unveil what they intend to do if elected, or re-elected, as Premier. On Tuesday (March… read more →

Centenarians Running

Watch: Two Centenarians Break 60m Dash Running Records

There is a belief out there that if you keep the body moving as you age, it will reward you in the future more than it’ll hurt you. For a… read more →

Happiest Seniors

Canada Named the Seventh Happiest Country in the World

Even though it’s human nature for all of us to scrunch our noses at certain forms of Canadian politics, economics, climate, social issues, and stereotypes, we must admit that Canada… read more →

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