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Generation Gap Part 2

Marissa Semkiw and Libby Znaimer co-host Millennials and Zoomers at the Roundtable for an inter-generational debate on issues, including what denotes racism and why political correctness is a form of censorship.

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Elderly Working

Retirement Aged Canadians Are Still Working Away

For some Canadians, turning 65 is the perfect time to pursue retirement.  As the Government of Canada notes: “the standard age for beginning to receive your CPP retirement pension is… read more →

Mark Sertich - Hockey

At 96, This Man is the World’s Oldest Hockey Player

Hockey may be a physically gruelling sport to some, but for 96-year-old Mark Sertich, the game continues to be a vital part of his lifestyle. Residing in Duluth, Minnesota, Sertich… read more →

Senior Technology

More Canadian Seniors are Now Embracing Technology

When it comes to stereotypes unfairly attached to older individuals, thinking they have a lack of interest in, or ability to properly use, modern technology is definitely right up there.… read more →

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