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Spring 2017 Edition

Marissa Semkiw digs into spring on theZoomer with a few seasonal experts including gardener Charlie Dobbin, golf pro Jaime Steedman and Zoomer Magazine's Kim Izzo and Vivian Vassos.

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theZoomer Explores the Real Issue that is Fake News

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This 89-Year-Old Woman Went Back to School & Earned Her Degree

Proving that it’s never too late to achieve a “childhood dream,” 89-year-old Alma Kocialek not only went back to school while in her 80s, but she also just recently earned… read more →

Canada Post Unveils Commemorative Team Canada 1972 Stamp

As part of the Canada 150 celebration, Canada Post has partnered with Team Canada 1972 to release a commemorative stamp celebrating the historical hockey tournament. On Wednesday, May 31, members… read more →

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