Watch 90-Year-Old Woman Do the Splits, Sing Yoga’s Praises

There is a popular belief that as you age, maintaining an active lifestyle – when possible – can help an individual live a longer, healthier existence.

Understanding this notion immensely is 90-year-old Margery Owen from Sketty, Wales. In fact, she doesn’t just understand it; she practices it.

“I taught Yoga for about thirty years. I’m 90 years of age and I workout every morning, for about half an hour – at least,” revealed Owen in a video filmed for Wales Online. “If you’re in your 60s, 70s, even 80s, it’s not too late to start.”

Owen went on to state that practicing Yoga daily, even in small doses, can make a person more “supple.” From there, “you can drop your sticks and get out of your wheelchair.”

Owen, who is unbelievably flexible and capable of doing the splits, is also a big believer in the calmness that meditation can bring to a person’s life.

“You’re not running around like a chicken with its head cut off. You deal with things,” offered Owen when discussing meditation. “Problems never stop. But how you deal with them is far better.”

90-Year-Old Splits

All told, Owen is a big believer in this: “If God gives you a good body, look after it.”

-Adam Grant

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