Conversations With Conrad premieres with Boris Johnson

On January 5, 2015 Vision TV premiered ‘Conversations with Conrad’. A series of engaging discussions lead by theZoomer TV’s Conrad Black with notable personalities around the world. The premiere kicked off with special guest Boris Johnson; the popular, personable and quite humorous mayor of London. Black and Johnson discuss London’s culture, politics, and Johnson’s mayoral responsibilities.

Conrad brought up the well-known point that Boris passionately believes he is the mayor of the greatest city in the world. Boris defended  his position

“we’ve got more American banks in London than there are in New York, we’ve got the biggest tech sector anywhere in the world outside San Fransisco, you’ve got the biggest medical center anywhere outside Boston, world class university’s, etc.”

Mayor Boris Johnson was even bold enough to state that the next few evolutions in the global media industry will favour English content producers.

“As a producer of content, London will be the biggest in the world or LA, partly because of some smart moves on the tax front”

To which Black replied

“If this means the eclipse of Hollywood, it will be London’s finest hour.

Over the next few weeks, Conrad Black will engage in a series of conversations with renowned persons. Among them are Margaret Atwood, Brian Mulroney, Rick Mercer and Michael Coren. The next show features Canadian writer Margaret Atwood and airs Monday at 9PM EST.

Missed the Boris Johnson interview? Watch it here!