theZoomer is back for a brand new season!

Starting Monday, July 15th at 9pm VisionTV is premiering a brand new season of the theZoomer. Host Conrad Black and a variety of guests and performers convene round table discussions focusing on current events and issues that affect us all. This season is filled with more laughs, tears and cheers than the last with guests hosts such as Faith Goldy, Ezra Levant and Libby Znaimer. We hope you Zoom in!

Here are some of the topics that will be covered this season:

Decline of Christianity:
On this special episode of theZoomer, we Explore Christianity’s fate in the wake of diminishing congregations and the rising persecution of believers in the Middle East

On this episode of theZoomer, we bring doctors, nurses, caregivers and patients to the RoundTable to discuss the prognosis, and treatment, for what is ailing the future of our health care system

Jokes, comedy routines and cartoons about being Zoomers as performed by Zoomers, featuring well known stand-up comics and humorists, as well as jokes told by audience members. Also, an exploration of the changing nature of humour as we age with ‘laughologists’

For a complete list of the upcoming topics click here

New episodes will premiere every Monday night at 9pm ET.