Join Our Studio Audience for Lots of Laughs and Inspiring Innovation

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On Tuesday, May 12th, starting at 12:30pm, theZoomer will convene two educational and fun-filled roundtables involving architects, interior designers, comedians and pranksters to demonstrate and perform just how funny and innovative Zoomers can be. The first episode will highlight and discuss age-friendly Universal design and how cities and communities around the world are making life more convenient for our aging population. The second episode will showcase hilarious Zoomers and discuss why laughing and exercising your funny bone is good for you!


SHOWTIME: 12:30PM (Arrival 12pm)

As people age and as medicine allows those with physical disabilities to live longer, mobility and accessibility becomes a greater issue. Stairs and terrain are more difficult to manage forcing individuals to either modify their existing homes or move. Consider if someone you knew were suddenly unable to walk and required a wheelchair. What would they do with their home? How would they manage in their city? We’ve gathered a panel of experts in this new emerging field and we want you to be in the live audience during the taping of this important and provocative episode at our Zoomer Hall in the heart of Toronto’s Liberty Village.

Guests for this episode include:

Barbara Nyke
Nikka Design, Toronto.
Designer, Interior Solutions, who uses universal design method to help the aging population.

Glen Hougan
Industrial /product/service provider in the area of healthcare and design for health and aging NSCAD

Ronny Wiskin
Barrier Free/Reliable Living, provides barrier free installs for existing homes

Steve Dotto
Tech guru

Gil Penalosa
Founder and Chair of 8-80 Cities

Vivian Vassos
Travel gadget and App expert, Zoomer Magazine

SHOWTIME: 2:30 (Arrival 2pm)

Jokes, comedy routines and cartoons about being Zoomers as performed by Zoomers, featuring well known stand-up comics and humorists, as well as jokes told by audience members (if you have one to tell, let us know!). Also, an exploration of the changing nature of humour as we age with ‘laughologists’. On this hilarious episode of theZoomer, and we want you to be in the live audience during the taping of this episode.

Guests for this episode include:

Andrew Clark
Head of Humber college Stand-up comedy program and former comedy journalist

Wes Tyrell
Cartoonist for Zoomer Magazine and Zoomer Philosophy

David Merry

Mark Breslin
Founder of Yuk Yuks

To join theZoomer’s live studio audience for either of these two discussions, or both, simply reserve a seat at [email protected]. Production will take place on Tuesday, May 12th at 12:30pm (arrival at 12:00pm) at THE ZOOMER HALL, 70 Jefferson Avenue in Toronto’s Liberty Village. Light snacks and beverages will be served.